the only 'real band', i've ever played in. and after all those live shows, i did in the past decade,
the 'washer, zimmer & the guitar people' shows were the deepest and craziest ones..
we only released one album, in very early summer of 2004.
it was called 'eat your friends' and came out on our 'keplar' label, being its 10th release.
'washer, zimmer & the guitar people' was washer, the 'guitar people' of fonoda, and me.
good chance to still find a copy of 'eat your friends' on ebay, but don't be confused, if you come across someone called 'brian jacket let down'..
i don't know those guys, but they so sound like idiots, honestly!
their 'eat your friends' was released in 2007..fuck 'em!
this is what our 'eat your friends' was sounding like, in 2004!

washer, zimmer and the guitar people - tv ghosts by zimmer
washer, zimmer + the guitar people - nameless dogs gravity by zimmer

you can buy the album digitally at zero''...